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Grain Science and Industry

Carboyhdrate Polymers - Technology and Product Innovation

The mission of the Carbohydrate Polymers group is to provide world-class excellence in carbohydrate polymer research and education. Our vision is to be the leader in graduate education related to cereal carbohydrates and conduct innovative research targeted for new technology development and commercialization.

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Post-Doc Research Associate within the Carbohydrate Polymers Group Available

Area of Emphasis

  • Starch chemistry, structure and functionality; Physical, chemical, and enzymatic modifications of starch and other biopolymers
  • Ingredient functionality in cereal foods
  • Carbohydrate nutrition, starch digestibility and dietary fiber
  • Emulsion, encapsulation and delivery technology
  • Biomass: structure in relation to digestibility and biofuel production
  • Uses of starch and other carbohydrates in food and industrial applications
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Dr. Yong Cheng Shi

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Dr. Yong Cheng Shi

View Dr. Shi's webpage

***All current student will be listed on Dr. Shi's webpage
along with their current research and information***

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Contact Us

Kansas State University
Department of Grain Science & Industry
Attn: Carbohydrate Polymers Group
211 Shellenberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Email: ycshi@ksu.edu

If you are interested in an advanced degree in Carbohydrate Polymers, please contact Beverly McGee-bmcgee@ksu.edu.
Any research or post doctoral position inquiries need to be directed to Dr. Yong Cheng Shi - ycshi@ksu.edu.