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Pet Food

The Pet Food Program was started in 2011 to provide an academic home for the emerging area of pet food and companion animal nutrition sciences. Some 350 million pets live in more than two-thirds of our homes. But, there have been few places to explore the science behind this novel food category. 

To answer this shortcoming, the Pet Food Program was stared by a cross-campus faculty led team. This team is comprised of dedicated individuals with a personal interest in providing a coordinated and professional program to address talent, training and expertise in this underserved area. 

Kansas and this region has a very significant presence in the pet food manufacturing industry. Kansas State University has a long history in animal food and nutrition research and training, and the campus has a strong culture of working with animals and the industry. While pets may seem like a luxury to many, they serve an important need in many lives. The industry adds value to agriculture and food production, and provides a significant employment base. 

This program at K-State is the right place to explore and learn about pet foods and companion animal sciences.