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This site provides an introduction to the marketing and quality evaluation of wheat and flour.

→Section one introduces the rules and terms incorporated into a standard grain contract according to the North American Export Grain Association.  

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Wheat  Flour Testing Book 

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Interactive  Version of The Book  

→ Section two provides information about the origin and usage of the different classes of wheat available from the United States. It also gives general information describing the sampling and grading procedures of export wheat shipments by the United States Department of Agriculture, Federal Grain Inspection Services to ensure grain is shipped according to the quality terms of the export contract.

→ This Web site incorporates testing methods to determine the physical and rheological properties of wheat and flour as well as laboratory product testing of a variety of wheat-based finished products. Formulas and processing steps are briefly described and finished product attributes are presented.

This Web site evolved from the book “ Wheat and Flour Testing Methods: A Guide to Understanding Wheat and Flour Quality” published by the Wheat Marketing Center, Inc. Portland Oregon , provides basic information in a clear and concise format. The testing methods and finished product pages are organized into three parts.

  • The first part is titled “ Method ” and it sets out the steps involved in performing the analysis or producing the product. 

  • The second part is titled “ What do the results mean ?” and it explains the results of the testing procedures or describes the desirable characteristics of finished products. 

  • The third part is titled “ Why is this important ?” and it provides an explanation of the relevance and application of the testing methods and the finished products.