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IGP Institute

Fortified Blended Foods Stakeholder Summit 

The goal of this summit is to provide the latest evidence of processing, formulation and nutritional efficacy related to fortified blended foods (FBFs) and to connect with suppliers and other important stakeholders.

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Date: To be determined

Topics Covered: FBF related processing technologies, policy, nutritional efficacy evidence, sensory and acceptability studies, economics, hands-on processing using a pilot-scale extrusion system, and quality evaluation lab demos.

Who Should Attend: Participants will include fortified blended foods suppliers, commodity growers, non-profits/ PVOs, policymakers, government agencies and research institutions.

For More Information: Please contact primary organizer Dr. Sajid Alavi (salavi@ksu.edu; Professor, Grain Science & Industry, Kansas State University) for further details on the Fortified Blended Foods Stakeholder Summit.

Meet the Summit Organizer

Sajid Alavi, P.h.D. 

said alavi

13 years of professional experience

Has over 67 publications

Currently a professor at the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University

Research interests lie in food engineering and more specifically in the areas of extrusion processing of food and feed materials, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure­-texture relationships, and value-added uses of agricultural materials and residues

Click here to learn more about Sajid.