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IGP–KSU Extrusion Processing Course and Pet Food Workshop 

A one-day workshop is typically offered in conjunction with the IGP-KSU Extrusion Processing: Technology and Commercialization course. This workshop can be attended as a stand-alone training or added to the extrusion course.

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IGP–KSU Extrusion Processing – Technology and Commercialization Course

Course Date August 13-16, 2019

Course Description

The course will cover various aspects of extrusion technology, equipment and product development (including snack foods, soy chunks, breakfast cereal, pet food and aquatic feed processing). A significant new feature is a hands-on session on the science and practice of sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance studies for new products.  Apart from learning about extrusion processing from experts in industry and academia, the course will also focus on strategic business planning for processing companies with the help of faculty from the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State. There will be plenty of hands-on and applied lab sessions in which different products will be developed and evaluated both instrumentally and by using a consumer panel. The hands-on session on the science and practice of sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance studies for new products is a significant feature of the extrusion course. One day of the course will be reserved for a visit to Sabetha, Kansas, which is home to major manufacturers of extruders and ancillary equipment.

College Credit Opportunity

This course is open to students who have the option of receiving two K–State Global Campus credits. Tuition fees and K–State Global Campus charges will apply in addition to the course fee. Please contact the course instructor, Professor Sajid Alavi at salavi@ksu.edu. for full details on the credit options. 

Who Should Attend

The course is recommended for technical and managerial personnel in the food, pet food and feed industry, and ingredient companies desiring training in fundamentals and operations; entrepreneurs who desire to set up a new extrusion-based food processing business; and researchers interested in updating themselves with the latest practices and trends in extrusion procession. In addition, the course presents an excellent opportunity to develop useful contacts and network with industry people in the U.S. and around the world who will be present as speakers or participants.

Organizers will review registrant information to ascertain compatibility with course content and goals, and will provide approval within two weeks from the time of registration. If there is no communication from the organizers in this period, approval can be assumed. The course fee will be fully refunded in the case of non-approval. 

Course Cost

Early-bird Registration Fee: $1,200/person

Regular Registration Fee: $1,300/person  

Company and Student Discount

If two or more people, from the same company or institution, enroll in the extrusion course, each is entitled to a 10% discount on the registration fee. To receive the discount, registrations must be submitted together. Students attending the extrusion course can receive a 20% discount by enclosing a written endorsement of their student status from a professor. 

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This course is also offered with simultaneous translation from English to Portuguese. 

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Meet the Instructor

Sajid Alavi, Ph.D.



  • 17 years of professional experience in food, pet food and feed processing
  • Has over 100 publications
  • Currently a professor at the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University
  • Research interests in the areas of food engineering, extrusion processing for food, pet food, feed and industrial applications, interfaces between processing and nutrition, food microstructure imaging, and structure - texture relationships

Click here to learn more about Sajid or view his Curriculum Vitae.