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IGP Institute

Extrusion Applications in Global Food Security and Nutrition Course  

Course Cost

Early-bird Registration Fee: $500/person

Regular Registration Fee: $600/person

Course Date: 2018 Date to be Determined

Course Description

This course offers a wide variety of applications that will train extrusion strategies applied to food security and nutrition. Some of these topics include fortified blended foods, textured vegetable proteins, fortified rice and analog products for bean, rice and lentils. Other topics featuring single screw extruder hardware and design, drying, analytical techniques and quality control, economics of extrusion and sensory aspects of extruded products designed for nutrition will also be covered.

Who Should Attend

The course is recommended for food processing business professionals, program managers and nutritionists and technical and managerial personnel. Other professions related to the food processing industry like government agencies and non-profit organizations involved in food aid and nutrition will also benefit from the course. The course will host people from the U.S. and from around the world, presenting a great opportunity for networking and developing useful contacts. 

For enrollment, payment or travel questions, please contact IGP Institute: 785-532-4070, igp@ksu.edu.

For course details contact Sajid Alavi at salavi@ksu.edu.



Meet the Instructor

Sajid Alavi, Ph.D.



  • 13 years of professional experience
  • Has over 67 publications
  • Currently a professor at the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University
  • Research interests lie in food engineering and more specifically in the areas of extrusion processing of food and feed materials, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure­-texture relationships, and value added uses of agricultural materials and residues

Click here to learn more about Sajid or view his Curriculum Vitae.