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IGP Institute

Pet Food Formulation for Commercial Production

January 14-18, 2019

Participants will learn about different aspects of pet food formulation from understanding ingredients to transportation and storage factors involved with marketing effective foods for companion animals. 


Course objectives: 

Students completing this course will become proficient at formulating pet foods and have a working knowledge of ingredients, processes, and the software necessary to create new products. They will also be able to revise existing formulas and perform business and production analyses. 

Course topics: 

The course will educate participants on a variety of topics in pet food formulation including understanding ingredients, processes, and software necessary to create new products; revising existing formulas; perform business and production analysis; gaining an understanding of the raw ingredients used to produce pet foods, their general composition and processing considerations; fundamental principles of companion animal nutrition and dietary needs (specifically dog and cat); learning the processes involved with producing pet foods, the regulatory constraints regarding claims and requirements, and the transportation and storage factors involved with marketing effective foods for companion animals; and studying the range of formulation tools common to the trade.

Who should attend: 

Pet food company employees in roles such as; formulation, new product development, quality control, marketing, procurement, ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers, technical and sales positions, students, and new company startups in the pet food industry. 

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Course Fee:  $1,350

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