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IGP Institute

IAOM-KSU Flour and Dough Analysis

On-site Course Schedule

IAOM-KSU Flour and Dough Analysis: September 10-12, 2019

Course Description

IAOM-KSU Flour and Dough Analysis

Through hands-on training and classroom discussion at the IGP Institute, participants will learn flour and dough analysis practices and methods and correct interpretation and understanding of the results through this course.

Course Objectives: Experts from the equipment manufacturers and suppliers and Kansas State University faculty will train and educate participants to understand commonly used flour testing equipment and dough testing equipment in the industry today, understand proper testing procedures and methods for the equipment, understand how to correctly interpret the results from the finished test, and understand factors that will impact and alter the test results.

Course topics: Farinograph; Extensograph; Amylograph; AlveoLab; SRC; RVA; falling number; NIR; manual ash; starch damage; PH//TTA; Glutomatic; LECO protein; Rheo F4; DoughLAB; DON/Mycotoxin; GlutoPeak; crumb and spread; baking systems and browning reactions; moisture and blending calculations; practical hands-on experience with some of the testing equipment in the IGP Institute grain grading lab.

Prerequisite: No prior experience or theory required

Course minimum: 6 participants

Course Fees: IAOM Members - $900 Non-Members - $975

Course Dates: September 10-12, 2019

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