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IGP Executive Conference CenterPlease browse through the newsroom materials to learn more about IGP and recent events. If you are looking for information from previous years not displayed here, please check out the archives page.

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Stakeholder News Brief 2019

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Institutional Knowledge

Part 1: Facilities and Training

Part 2: Distance Education Profile

Part 3: Hospitality

Part 4: On-Location Learning

Part 5: Program Services

Part 6: Business Services 

Part 7: GEAPS Distance Education Program 

Part 8: Feed Manufacturing and Grain Management Curriculum Manager

Part 9: Flour Milling and Grain Processing Curriculum Manager 

Part 10: Buhler Instructor of Milling

Part 11: IGP Institute Director and Grain Science and Industry Department Head

Part 12: Program and Project Manager 

Part 13: Operations Manager of the O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Center

Part 14: Assistant Professor of Feed Science and Management

Learning on Location

Farmer Direct Foods

Haselwood Farm


Federal Grain Inspection Service

Kejr Farms

Rezac Land and Livestock

Ardent Mills

Meet Our Partner Profiles

Kansas Department of Agriculture


AIB International

International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM)

U.S. Grains Council

National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA)

American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)

U.S. Wheat Associates

U.S. Soybean Export Council

Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS)

Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission

Kansas Wheat Commission

Kansas Corn Commission

Kansas Soybean Commission

News Releases

Distance Education Coordinator Joins IGP Institute – April 8, 2019

Agricultural Economist Joins IGP Institute – March 21, 2019

IGP Institute Announces 2019 Upcoming Courses

USSEC Provides RAPCO Feed Manufacturing Course – August 21–24, 2018

USSEC RAPCO Provides Professionals with Swine Welfare Education – August 17, 2018

IGP Institute and RAPCO Team up to Offer Swine Nutrition Training – July 26, 2018

Professionals from Across the World Learn about Grain Purchasing – July 19, 2018

Sub–Saharan Region Flour Millers Learn about U.S. Wheat – July 3, 2018

Jay O'Neil Retires from IGP Institute – July 2, 2018

Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition Training Begins Soon – June 20, 2018

Industry Professionals from Across the Globe Gather to Learn about Feed Manufacturing – June 11–14, 2018

New Course Offering at the IGP Institute – June 13, 2018

IGP Institute Names Interim Associate Director – June 6, 2018

Milling Industry Executives Gain Milling Experience – May 21–25, 2018

Grain Elevator Management Training – May 14–18, 2018 

NGFA–KSU Food Safety Modernization Act Training for the Feed Industry – May 15–17, 2018

Poultry Nutrition Training Held for Middle East and North Africa – May 7–11, 2018

Training Held for Japanese Poultry Industry Experts – May 7–11, 2018 

U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) China Feed Manufacturing – April 23–27, 2018

Grain Purchasing Training Held for Industry Professionals – April 9–20, 2018

USDA Cochran Fellowship Program: Introduction to U.S. Pet Food–Serbia – March 12–23, 2018

Milling Courses Offered for Industry Experts through Buhler – March 5–9, 2018

NGFA–KSU Food Safety Modernization Act Training for the Feed Industry – February 20–22, 2018

Grain Industry Professionals Attend Grain Elevator Manager Training – January 22–26, 2018

Kansas State University Hosts Introduction to Flour Milling Training – January 15–19, 2018

Formulation Training Educates Pet Food Industry Professionals – January 8–12, 2018


Ag A.M. in Kansas – Shawn Thiele

Ag A.M. in Kansas – Jay O'Neil

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