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IGP Institute

Rent IGP Facilities

Rent the IGP Conference Center


The IGP Conference Center is available to host conferences, workshops or other meetings for outside organizations. The facility includes a conference room, a dining and lounge area, and other rooms to meet your needs. IGP does not have a list of required caterers, but we would be happy to supply you with a list of caterers that we have worked with in the past. Rental rates are based on a full-day of use. All evening activities (after 5 p.m.) and all weekend activities are charged a full-day rate regardless of time frame. Weekday events 4 hours or less in length qualify for a half-day rate.

If you're interested in using the facility for your next event, contact:

Lisa Long, Events Coordinator
Phone: (785) 532-4070
Fax: (785) 532-6080
Email: igp@ksu.edu



IGP Institute Building Usage Guidelines


 Please contact IGP for the Building Usage Request Form.