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IGP Institute

Floor Plans

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Room Capacities

RoomRoom UseCapacity
Atriumreceptions, banquets, special events


(varries by event)

$125 without meal or A/V

$200 with meal or A/V

Auditoriumclasses, presentations, seminars63

$300 without A/V

$550 with A/V

Board Room

meetings, conferences, small classes

16 around table and 8 chairs around windows


$200 without A/V

$350 with A/V

Dinning Room

receptions, banquets

outdoor patio area also available


$190 without meal or A/V

$265 with meal or A/V

Grain Grading Labclasses, demonstrations30

$125 without A/V

$200 with A/V

Multipurpose Roomclasses, presentations, seminars, meetings, receptions, dinning, special events44

$150 without A/V

$250 with A/V

Rental rates are based on a full-day of use. All evening activities (after 5 p.m.) and all weekend activities are charged a full-day rate regardless of time frame. Weekday events 4 hours or less in length qualify for a half-day rate.