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IGP Institute

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IGP Institute

Kansas State University
1980 Kimball Avenue
102 IGP Institute Building
Manhattan, KS 66506-7000

785-532-6080 fax


GEAPS/K-State Continuing Education

The IGP Institute and GEAPS produce top-quality distance education courses designed specifically for professionals in grain operations and related fields. 

Courses usually consist of 10 hours of content available for five weeks. Enrollment for each course is limited. 

All course materials are online for easy access, 24-7. Registrants receive instructions via email on how to access course material on the K-State website prior to the course start. Courses consist of engaging narrated lectures, quizzes and exercises. Courses are led by industry professionals and are focused on current industry practices and standards. Registrants may complete the coursework on their own schedule within this five-week period by logging into the course website. 

Credentialing Program

Professionals in grain handling operations and related fields can advance their careers, improve their job skills and help their employers by earning formal credentials. The GEAPS/K-State Credentialing Program offers logical, structured ways to continue learning, and leads to real-world application, achievement and recognition. 

The program also provides a career track in grain operations for young people considering their futures. They'll be able to follow the track to job opportunities and rewarding, interesting careers. 

Credentials offered in: 

Credentials are obtained by completing online distance education courses developed by GEAPS and K-State. No travel is required. 

Click here for more information about the Credentialing Program.