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IGP Institute

IGP–KSU Pet Food Workshop 

Course Date August 12, 2019

Course Description

The Pet Food Workshop will consist of experts, industry and academic speakers from the areas of pet nutrition and processing. They will provide the latest information on pet food ingredient trends; nutritional requirements for dogs and cats; specialty treats; sensory evaluation and palatability tests; and safety and HACCP issues. It will also include a capstone lab session involving formulation exercises for pet food recipes. 

Workshop Cost

Early-bird Registration Fee: $275/person

Regular Registration Fee: $325/person

More information about the workshop can be found on the Course Brochure. 

To register for this course, click here. 

For more details on the Pet Food workshop, please contact the course instructor, Professor Sajid Alavi, salavi@ksu.edu. 

For enrollment, payment or travel questions, please contact IGP Institute: 785-532-4070, igp@ksu.edu.

For course or workshop, details contact Professor Sajid Alavi at salavi@ksu.edu.

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