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IGP Institute

IAOM-KSU Advanced Milling

On-site Course Schedule

October 1-5, 2018 and October 15-19, 2018

Through hands on training in the Kansas State University Hal Ross flour mill and classroom discussions at the IGP Institute, participants will learn quantitative tools and practices to influence and impact, optimal machine adjustment, milling efficiency and flour quality in the mill.

Course objective: Expanding on topics from the Basic Milling Principles course to include quantitative techniques and tools to analyze and improve the process flow; understanding the variables that impact production efficiencies; and enhance the troubleshooting skills of mill personnel to optimize mill efficiency.

Course topics: Wheat kernel characteristic; understand cleaning systems and equipment for optimal grain quality; processes, equipment and flow design, and steps of conditioning and tempering; in-depth analysis of mill flow sheets and design; in-depth analysis of mill balance and product distribution; in-depth study of function, design and optimal set-up for roller mills, sifters, purifiers, detachers, dusters, and other milling equipment; cumulative attribute curves and their uses; understanding starch damage and it’s influences; impact of wheat quality on mill performance; process control and challenges; Flour quality and treatments; practical hands-on experience in the Hal Ross flour mill (optimum primary break release, secondary breaks grinding exercise, purifier optimization, reduction rolls exercise, impact detachers exercise, sifting efficiency exercise, evaluation of key mill control stocks, ash curve exercise, grinding pressure in relation to starch damage exercise, evaluation of flour mill steams).

Required skill level: Theoretical milling background (milling school, university or other milling training) with practical work experience in a flour mill or other completed milling training.

Who should attend: Milling engineers, operation managers, production managers, shift managers, head millers, professionals with theoretical or applied milling background

Course minimum: 6 participants

Course Fee: $1,800

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