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Feed Manufacturing

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Since the 1950s, K-State Research has made significant and lasting contributions in the field of feed manufacturing. A number of standardized test have been developed to measure feed and ingredient quality and equipment performance that allow animals to grow or produce most economically at their genetic potential. The KSU Pellet Durability Tester for instance remains the industry standard for relating pellet hardness to pellet quality. Procedures have also been published to determine the geometric mean particle diameter and surface area per gram as a response to deficiencies in existing techniques. K-State Research has been a leader in applying statistics as well as a utilizing the knowledge of how particles of various size, shape, density, and other physical properties act during mixing to develop procedures for determining appropriate mixing time for a given mixer. The program has also served the pharmaceutical industry by testing newly developed feed additives, and by assisting in the necessary regulatory clearance process, and as a result, nearly every feed additive of the past 20 years has been tested at K-State. Research and product development activities at K-State have produced specialized foods for nearly every pet and exotic companion animal. Today the Department of Grain Science continues to expand and innovate, with plans underway to develop a new state of the art feed mill, the O.H. Kruse Feed Mill and Biorefinery teaching and research center, a concept design of which is pictured here.