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Grain Science and Industry

Welcome to K-State Grain Sciences Research and Extension

The Department of Grain Science and Industry at K-State maintains a one of a kind teaching and research facility. The Research and Extension program is dedicated to a safe, sustainable, and competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families, and youth through integrated research, analysis, and education. Research and Extension maintains strong relationships with the grain, feed, cereal chemistry, milling, baking, and allied industries that allows constant communication with clientele throughout the world. Students involved with the program are winning prestigious scholarships at a rate outpacing all public universities in the nation. The department also has many respected faculty and staff who have been recognized for their contributions to basic science technology, industry and to the profession as a whole and have a long history of contributing to the welfare of the nation and the world. The Department is constantly expanding its facilities in order to enhance both the educational and research programs of the department since K-State has been in a unique position to serve with the grain and grain processing industries for over 90 years.

Our Mission Statement

"Kansas and U.S. grain producers, handlers, merchandisers, processors and public employees will increase operating efficiency, product quality & food safety, profitability, and reduce work place injuries/illnesses in response to the Grain Science and Industry outreach program. This will be accomplished by strengthening/maintaining important linkages between research and industry to assist in the generation and adoption of technologies and practices. "