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Grain Science and Industry

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Brandi Miller

Brandi Miller professional photo

Brandi Miller

President & CEO at Kansas Cooperative Council

Education: Majored in Bakery Science and Management

Graduation Year: Fall 2004

Brandi Miller’s responsibilities include overseeing and executing on the strategic vision of the council, which entails developing programming to support cooperative leaders, presenting the interests of cooperative businesses to lawmakers and industry leaders, and managing the daily operations of the council. When asked what her favorite part about her current position is, she answered, “the people within the cooperative system are absolutely fantastic. It is amazing the passion and drive of cooperative leaders across the state in all capacities.” She also points out the diversity that ranges in cooperatives across Kansas can make it difficult to develop programming.  

K-State Experience  

During her time at K-State, Miller was involved in Bakery Science Club and participated in internships with Danisco, AIB International, and Quaker Oats. She feels that the classes she took prepared her for her future career.  

Miller enjoyed her experience at K-State and says, “I loved my experience at KSU, especially in the grain science department. The small classes and access to faculty was something that a lot of my friends in larger departments didn’t have. The relationship with the industry was also a huge benefit and again, provided opportunities that other students may not get access to.”  

She had several favorite classes, mentioning that she enjoyed her baking classes and learning about different ingredient functions and all the tasty treats they made. Miller uses the most information learned from Dr. Subramanyam’s Product Protection class in her current position.  


Extra-curriculars are a huge part of college life and Miller emphasizes on the importance of getting involved.   

“My top two pieces of unsolicited advice are to balance the academic side of your college career with an extra-curricular activity and build leadership,” Miller says. “Put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Employers really want to see well-rounded balanced people that can work with teams and lead initiatives; what better way to do that than in college!”  

Her other bit of advice pertains to building relationships with professors, as it could really benefit students in the future. She says, “Future employers will call your professors and ask them about your classroom performance, professionalism, etc.”