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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University
201 Shellenberger Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Testimonials from Current and Former Students & Industry Professionals

Bakery Science and Management

K-State's bakery science program is world-renowned and offers students many opportunities. I received a lot of scholarship money throughout my education and hands-on experience through my internships.

Brook Metzinger
Bakery Science and Management

In Grain Science, the faculty are always pushing us to get us ready for life after graduation and making sure we understand everything we can in our area and others, plus the hands on activity really gives you an edge when entering the job market.

Terry Istas

The teaching staff is well educated and actually cares about teaching their students the things they need to know to succeed in the workplace.

Kali Schroeder

Relatively small classes and specified course study are key to what I believe is the success of one of the best departments on campus – there is a good mix of business, science and economic academic work, along with extended hands on opportunities.

Mary Moloney

I like that the professors know everyone by their first name and you always feel like you are learning for a reason. A degree in feed science and management also provides great job opportunities after graduation.

As I looked around K-State to determine a major I was intrigued by the Grain Science and Department, in particular Milling Science. The program has provided me with many learning experiences outside of the classroom, including internships, field trips, and meetings with industry leaders and clubs. Combine those experiences with multiple job opportunities upon graduation and I realized I made the right decision. The classes are fun and exciting, but will challenge you to apply the knowledge that they have taught. Whether it is designing a new processing facility, writing a small business plan or running the pilot mill. The Grain Science Department is highly respected around the world and full of opportunities. I would recommend everyone look into this rare department.

Tim Franklin
Milling Science and Management

I was looking for a career that I could be passionate about. After trying other fields, I tried Grain Science. My first day, I knew I had found what I wanted to do. The department has helped me set real goals for myself that are helping me succeed in college and are moving me in the direction for positive and progressive career development.

I decided to attend Kansas State University because of the Grain Science department – the quality of education and career possibilities it presented.

Danesi Dokpesi
Milling Science and Management

I chose milling science because flour milling allows me to be directly involved in the production of a staple food item in households and businesses across the world.

Chad Bontrager
Milling Science and Management

Graduate Students

I am confident that by the time I leave the Grain Science department, I will have the know-how to work anywhere in the world in cereal science. I strongly recommend this program to any prospective student.

Allan Bright Liavoga
Grain Science

As a master's student in the nation's only grain science department, I have experienced firsthand the dedication and enthusiasm that the faculty bring to K-State and their discipline. The experience I've gained and connections I've made, along with the general air of respect and pride within the department make me feel confident that opportunities will be abundant when I complete my degree.

Anna Getchell
Grain Science – Integrated Pest Management

Grain Science & Industry Alumni

From Grain Science to CSI

My letter of acceptance in 1997 for Grain Science graduate school from Dean Timothy Donoghue read, in part, '..this acceptance is a tribute to your previous academic achievement and an indication of our trust here at Kansas State you will dedicate yourself to building on the knowledge and skills mastered..'. Simply, my experiences in Grain Science were reciprocal. The agricultural teachers dedicated themselves to building me! Since that time, lessons taught by Professors (Behnke, Eustace, Fairchild, Gwirtz, Haque, Hoseney, Seib and Sun) in Grain Science have given me wide-berth expertise from cereal cancer suppressor research to forensics. My PhD advisors Carol Klopfenstein and Delores Takemoto were superb. Mentors such as Ron Madl, Finlay MacRitchie and Katherine Tilley always had helpful advice. My Post Doctoral experiences with Subi fine tweaked my abilities and helped me land an adjunct teaching position with The College of Saint Rose. Coupled with teachings from David Wetzel and remarkable insights from Robert Fry, Steven Hughes and especially K-State Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Don Setser (who is known as the "father of the excimer laser”) I was able to build a rare, ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) –MS and a Fast Excimer (excited dimer of argon fluoride, ArF) gas phase laser for caseworks in the Trace Evidence section of the NY State Troopers. The faculty as well as entire staff of Grain Science never faulted once and were always kind and respectful towards me. Most importantly, they were Fun to be in the presence of! Furthermore, my knowledge of Grain Science gives me the ability to answer CSI (crime scene investigation) questions about natural forages & fibers, grass substances and pollen other police agencies never even think to ask.

Dr. Frank J Padula
New York State Troopers
Trace Evidence

I am proud of the education and experience I received from the Milling Science Program and K-State and the foundation that was laid for a rewarding career with Cargill, Inc. In the eleven years since my graduation, I jump at every chance I get to come back and visit the program to give lectures and to interview students for internships and full time positions. I also consider many of my professors friends and enjoy visiting with them at industry functions.

Joe Reitz
Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator
Horizon Milling, LLC (Cargill Foods Affiliate)


Michael G. Long
Director – Milling Technology and Engineering
Bay State Milling Company


Angie Gilpin
Process Engineer
Hill's Pet Nutrition

The curriculum offered by the Feed Science and Management program gave me the opportunity to actively work hands on in a pilot mill environment. It also allowed me to gain an understanding of manufacturing processes, and most importantly, learn leadership skills in a teamwork environment. I encourage you to explore what the Grain Science department and faculty have to offer students.

The education I have received has proven extremely valuable in my career endeavors. It gave me the basic principles, fundamentals and disciplines that allowed me to obtain employments immediately upon graduation, as well as, my ability to rapidly progress into higher management positions and responsibilities. I am where I am today because of the K-State Grain Science department.

A career in baking, feed or milling science and management will always be in demand.

Nikolas Haas
Milling Science and Management


Kyle Ripperger
Feed Science and Management


The thing I like most about Grain Science is the instructor's open door policy and friendliness.

Carla Feese
Feed Science and Management

When I became familiar with K-State's feed science and management program, I jumped at the opportunity because I knew it would make me extremely marketable and the field offered good salaries upon graduation.

Jake Caprun
Feed Science and Management

The thing I like most about the Grain Science Program is the faculty and staff. They are laid back and cool, but still get the job done.

Chris Albers
Feed Science and Management

When I first came to K-State for my initial visit for the program I was really impressed with the way I was treated. I knew they took an immediate interest in me and cared that I was there. As I go through the feed science program, I've found that the advisors really care about their students and call you by your first name. That doesn't happen very often on many campuses.

Spencer Lawson
Feed Science and Management


Milling Science and Management


Adam Fahrenholz
Feed Science and Management

Kansas State University Grain Science is dedicated to educating students for a career that will always be in demand. This program is respected around the world and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Ian Hansberger

After learning about the feed science and management program at Kansas State University, I knew it was right for me.

Chad White
Feed Science and Management

When I came to K-State I had no idea what major I wanted to enroll in. When I first heard about the Grain Science Department, it appealed to me because this is the only program of it's kind in the world, and it allows me to pursue careers that will always be in demand. Grain Science has a very personal staff and faculty with smaller class sizes that makes it easier to learn, gain internship opportunities and even careers upon graduation. I am positive that I chose the right major.

Feed Science and Management

K-State Grain Science Department offers students a wide variety of career options and activities. The curriculum is challenging, yet extremely well rounded, in that, students learn what they will later apply in real life situations.

Vance Lamb