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Grain Science and Industry

Bakery Science Club activities/photos

Wednesday Bake Sale

Sales are held every Wednesday from 3-5pm on the first floor of Shellenberger Hall, except for finals week and dead week. Cash or check accepted for all products. Check out our Facebook page for photos from our weekly sales events here.

Bake Sale

Christmas Bake

Our Christmas Bake is December 11th on the 1st floor of Shellenberger Hall. Follow the link for the order form.

Open House

Open House occurs every spring. For the Bakery Science Department it is about reaching out to the community to show what baking is and what it is about, seeing the changes in dough and flour types, learning about baking and agriculture, and purchasing baked goods at the sale.

Open House 1Open House 2

Tuesday Bake

We meet every Tuesday from 5-8 pm to bake and prepare cookies and bread for our Wednesday bake sales. The proceeds from our sales support our club and help us take our members to the American Society of Baking conference in Chicago every spring. Check out our Facebook Page for photos from our weekly club meetings here.