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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University
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2013 Graduate Research Projects Completed

Student NameProfessorThesis Title
Ryan RobertsSajid AlaviUnderstanding the mechanism of texturization, and the relationship between properties of wheat gluten and texturized vegetable protein- View Abstract
Anubha GargSajid AlaviStochastic modeling of expansion and shrinkage phenomena in starch based melts during extrusion- View Abstract
Anne RigdonDirk MaierCoverage impacts biomass composition, converstion to ethanol yields and microbial communities during storage- View Abstract
Elyse BuckleyRebecca MillerFactors in hard winter wheat affecting water absorption tolerance- View Abstract
Adrian MartinezDirk MaierModeling a Biomass Transportation Process
Natarajan PadmanabhanSajid AlaviA novel mechanism for delivering nutrition: sorghum based fortified blended foods using extrusion- View Abstract
Liyan ChenPraveen VadlaniDetoxification and nutritional enhancement of soy meal via microbial bioprocessing- View Abstract
Aiswariya DeliephanBhadriraju SubramanyamExposure of wheat to flameless catalytic infrared radiation on temperatures attained, wheat physical properties, microbial loads, milling yield, and flour quality- View Abstract
Reona OhsikiriJ.M. FaubionFundamental bases for the improving action of novel enzyme-oxidant combinations in frozen dough- View Abstract
Blossom SehgalBhadriraju SubramanyamStored-grain insect management with insecticides: evaluation of empty-bin and grain treatments against insects collected from Kansas farms- View Abstract
Radhiah ShukriYong Cheng ShiEffects of amylose content and chemically cross-linking starch on in-vitro digestibility and extrusion of starch- View Abstract
Dennis TilleyBhadriraju Subramanyam, Mark E. CasadaIncidence and spread of insects from bucket elevator leg boots- View Abstract