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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University
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2009 Graduate Research Projects Completed

Student Name

ProfessorThesis Title
Lauren BrewerDavid L. WetzelIR Microspectroscopic Imaging Discriminates Isogenic Nulls from Parents Wheats with Lipid Class Prfile Supported by MS Compositional Analyses- View Abstract
Kantha ChannaiahDr. Subramanyam BhadrirajuPolyphasic characterization of antibiotic resistant and virulent enterococci isolated from animal feed and stored-product insects- View Abstract
Sean FinnieDr. Jon FaubionWheat Polar Lipids: Sources of Variation Among Near-Isogenic Wheat Lines with Different Endosperm Hardness- View Abstract
Jian LiDr. Charles WalkerTotal Anthocyanin Content in Blue Corn Cookies as Affected by Baking Process and Ingredients- View Abstract
Achira MukhopadhyayDr. Praveen VadlaniInnovative Bioprocessing of Lignocellulosic Material for Value Added Product- Lactic Acid- View Abstract
Melissa PickettDr. Huyla DoganThe Effect of Dough Rheology on Gas Cell Stability and Baked Product- View Abstract
Karolyn StoerzingerDr. Jon FaubionEffects of Post Milling Storage Time and Temperature on the Breadmaking Quality and Lipids of Whole Wheat Flour- View Abstract
Li XinDr. Susan SunMechanical Properties and Water Resistance of Cellulosic Fiberboards with Soybean Protein Based Adhesives- View Abstract
Jianmin ZhouDr. Jon Faubion, Dr. Charles Walker

Evaluation of different types of fats used in high-ratio layer cakes- View Abstract

Moses KhamisDr. Subramanyam BhadrirajuEffects of flameless catalytic infrared radiation on stored-wheat insects and wheat quality-View Abstract