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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University
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2008 Graduate Research Projects Completed

Student Name


Thesis Title

Lan GuanPaul A Seib
Yong Cheng Shi

Wet-milling of waxy wheat flours and characteristics of waxy wheat starch
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Lu ZhangX. Susan Sun

Physicochemical, morphological, and adhesion properties of sodium bisulfite modified soy protein components
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Xiaoli XuYong Cheng ShiIn vitro digestibility of starch in sorghum differing in endosperm hardness and flour particle size
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Adam FahrenholzKeith BehnkeThe effects of DDGS inclusion on pellet quality and pelleting performance
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Yanjie BaiYong Cheng ShiPreparation and structure of Octenyl succinic anhydride modified waxy maize starch, microporous starch and maltodextrin
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Esam SalimKeith BehnkeThe effect of tracers' physical properties on retention time measurements inside the conditioner of a pellet mill
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Chun YuSubramanyam BhadrirajuSusceptibility of Lasioderma serricorne (F.) life stages exposed to elevated temperatures
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Adrian Martinez-KawasLeland McKinneyEvaluating flushing procedures to prevent drug carryover during medicated feed manufacturing
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Christopher MillerJeffrey A. GwirtzVariation in single kernel hardness within the wheat spike
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