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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
Kansas State University
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2006 Research Projects Completed

Professor Thesis Title
Rhonda Kay LyneGeorge Lookhart
Finlay MacRitchie
A Small-Scaled Method to Prepare and Evaluate Wheat Flour Tortillas - View Abstract
Allan LiavogaPaul A. SeibD-Xylose Produced from Wheat Straw by Acid and Enzyme Catalyzed Hydrolysis, and the Purification of Xylitol - View Abstract
Ricardo MouraX. Susan SunThe Effect of Physical Aging, Starch Particle Size, and Starch Oxidation on Thermal-Mechanical Properties of Poly(lactic acid)/Starch Composites -View Abstract
Li ZhuX. Susan SunStudies of Soy Protein Adhesive Performance on the Effects of PH, Amino Acid Group, and Temperature - View Abstract
Hongxin JiangPaul A. SeibThe Color and Properties of Food Products made from a Bright-White Hard Winter Wheat and the Phenolics in its Coarse Wheat Bran - View Abstract
Anna GetchellBhadriraju SubramanyamEfficacy of Two Spinosad Formulations on Various Commodities Against Stored-Product Insects - View Abstract
Patrick ClarkKeith BehnkeThe Effects of Nutrient Uniformity and Modified Feed Processing on Animal Performance -View Abstract

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