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Sample Preparation

Cost for analysis depends on whether the client is a Kansas State or non-Kansas State agency. Sample size requirements for each test are listed in the fee schedule. Size is the same regardless of client type. Place each sample in an individual container and seal securely. Double bagging is recommended, especially for samples packaged in plastic bags which tend to break open during shipping. Clearly label each sample. Adhesive labels do not stick well to some containers or bags and may come off during shipping. If using adhesive labels, it is recommended that a paper label also be placed inside the package.

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Sample Submission Form

Print and completely fill out the appropriate sample submission form depending on whether you are a Kansas State or non-Kansas State (PDF) agency. Samples will not be evaluated if sufficient contact and billing information is not provided.

Only one sheet is required per shipment. Clearly list all samples submitted and all tests requested for each sample. Enclose the completed sample submission form in the shipping package with the samples. In cases where samples are not being sent directly by the individual requesting the evaluation, the sample submission form may be sent by e-mail to beckym@ksu.edu. Samples will not be returned. Samples will be held for 1 month after analysis then discarded.

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Ship samples to:

Wheat Quality Laboratory
3208 Throckmorton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
(785) 532-6194

Sender pays shipping costs. Shipping containers will not be returned.

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Analysis Time

Analysis time varies depending on the test requested and lab workload. Samples will be evaluated as quickly as possible.

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Data Report

Results will be sent by e-mail to the persons listed on the sample submission form. Hard copies are available upon request.

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Repeat Analysis

Recheck of results will be performed at the customer’s request. If the original results are confirmed, an additional charge will be incurred. Rechecks must be requested within 1 month of receiving data.

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Quality Control

The Wheat Quality Lab strives to maintain a high standard of reliability and accuracy. Employees are trained professionals who use approved methods to evaluate samples and report results in a timely manner. The lab participates in applicable AACC and USDA check sample programs. Equipment is routinely monitored to ensure accuracy and precision of results.

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Invoices will be sent upon completion of the testing from the Department of Grain Science accounting office. Please include PO numbers and any special billing instructions on the sample submission form.

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