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Grain Science and Industry

Miller, Rebecca


See entire list of publications (PDF)

Consumer sensory analysis of high flavonoid transgenic tomatoes.  2014.  Lim, W.; Miller, R.; Park, J.; Park, S.  Journal of Food Science, 79(6):S1212-1217.

Sodium reduction in bread using reduced sodium sea salt.  2013.  Miller, R., Jeong, J.  Cereal Chemistry, 91(1):41-44.

Registration of 'Clara CL' wheat.  2014.  Martin, T.; Zhang, G.; Fritz, A.; Miller, R.; Chen, M-S.  Journal of Plant Registrations, 8(1):38-42.

Registration of Tiger Wheat.  2013.  Martin, T., Zhang, G., Fritz, A.,  Miller, R., Chen, M.S.  Journal of Plant Registrations, 7(2):201-204.

Impact of Triticum Mosaic virus infection on hard winter wheat milling and baking quality.  2012.  Miller, R., Seifers, D., Martin, T.  Journal of the Science of Food in Agriculture, 92:772-775.

Almonds for nutritious and delightful breakfast cereals.  2012.  Shelke, K.; Miller, R.  Cereal Foods World, 57(2):64-67.

Increased yield of bread containing citrus peel fiber. 2011.  Miller, R.A. Cereal Chemistry 88(2): 174-178.

Volume, texture and molecular mechanism behind the collapse of bread made with different levels of hard waxy wheat flours.  2011.  Garimella, S.; Miller, R.; Seib, P.; Graybosch, R.; Shi, Y.C.  Journal of Cereal Science, 54:37-43.

Effect of RS4 Resistant Starch on Extruded Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Breakfast Cereal Quality.  2011. Miller, Rebecca; Jeong, Juhui; Maningat, Clodualdo. Cereal Chemistry, 88(6): 584-588.

Effect of sieve tension in quadromat senior laboratory milling.  2009.  Miller, R. and Gwirtz, J. Cereal Chemistry. 86(6): 665-668.

Modified starches improve bread yield.  2008.  Miller, R.; Hoseney, R. and Maningat, C. Cereal Chemistry. 85(6): 713-715

Role of salt in baking.  2008.  Miller, R.A.; Hoseney, R.C. Cereal Foods World. 53(1): 4-6.


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