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Grain Science and Industry

Walker, Chuck


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Reviewed Journals

Xue, J., Lefort, G., and Walker, C. E. 2004. Effects of oven humidity on food baked in gas convection ovens. J. Food. Proc. & Preser. 28(3):179 – 200.

J. M. Barrón-Hoyos1,2, M. R. Falcón-Villa1, M. T. Villegas-Bailón1, M. E. Orozco-Garcia1, G. A. Yáñez-Farias1, and C. E. Walker3 . 2004. Protein Quality Evaluation of Commercial High Fiber Breakfast Cereals by Rat Bioassay. (Submitted to Cereal Chem.???)

Ramires-Wong, B., Walker, C. E., et al. 2003. Commercial scale tests on Kansas hard white and hard red winter wheat flours in Sonora style flour tortillas. (Submitted to Cereal Chem.)

Wijaya, N., Blanche, S., Keoleian, J., Pai, Y., and Walker, C. E. 2003. Imprinting Patterns on Tortillas. Cereal Foods World. 48(2):58-60

Xue, J. and Walker, C. E. 2003. Humidity change and its effects on baking in an electrically heated air-jet impingement oven. Food Res. International 36(6):561-569

Anjum, F. M., Lookhart, G. L., and Walker, C. E. 2000. Electrophoretic identification of hard white spring Pakistani wheats grown at different locations in different years. J. Sci. Fd. Ag. 80(8):1155-1161

Anjum, F. M., and Walker, C. E. 2000. Grain, flour and bread-making properties of eight Pakistani hard white spring wheat cultivars grown at three different locations for 2 years. Intl. J. of Fd. Sci. and Tech. 35(4):407-416

Anjum, F. M., Lookhart, G. L., and Walker, C. E. 2000. High molecular weight glutenin subunit composition in Pakistani hard white spring wheats grown at three locations for two years and its relationship with end-use quality characteristics. J. Sci. Fd. Ag. 80(2):219

Dogan, I. S. and Walker, C. E. 1999. Effects of Impingement Oven Parameters on High-Ratio Cake Baking. Cereal Foods World 44(10):710-714

Xiao, S., Klopfenstein, C. F., Walker, C. E., and Brent, J. L., 1999??. Enhanced cholesterol-lowering activity of extruded vs. baked, fiber-rich, crackers in hamsters. Cereal Chem. ??(??):??? (sequestered pending patent clearance)

Dogan, I. S., and Walker, C. E., 1999. Effects of impingement oven parameters and formula variation on sugar snap cookies. Cereal Foods World. 44(8):597-603

DesRochers, J. L. and Walker, C. E. 1998. The RVA: A new method for product development and quality control in ready-to-eat (RTE) breakfast cereals. Proceedings, RACI Cereal Chemistry Div. Technical Conference, Cairns, QLD, August.

Quail, K. J. and Walker, C. E. 1998. Survey of

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