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Grain Science and Industry

Walker, Chuck

Walker, Chuck Emeritus Professor

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Bio Brief

Dr. Charles Eugene Walker

Charles Eugene Walker was born 17 December 1936 in Winterset, Madison County, Iowa, USA and died 26 April, 2012 in Manhattan Kansas, USA. Better known as Chuck in later life, Dr. Walker received a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering in May 1959. At a 'mixer' party in the fall of 1957, he met Shannon Rose Philp. They were married on 1 June, 1958 and she became his wife of 54 years.

While finishing his thesis, he joined the faculty at the Valley City, North Dakota State College (1965-1974), teaching various Physical Science & Chemistry courses to undergraduate students. He also became Division Chairman and head of the building committee which obtained a new Science & Math building. Feeling the pull of industry, he moved south to work for the Fairmont Foods Central Research Laboratory in Omaha, NE (1974-1980), where he did research, product development, and technical assistance on baking, pizza, snack, and dairy products, eventually reaching the position of Associate Director of Research.

In December 1987, Chuck joined the Department of Grain Science & Industry at Kansas State University as the Bakers National Educational Foundation chaired Baking Science Professor. There he maintained a busy research, teaching, graduate student advising, publishing, traveling, and consulting program, specializing in baking technology.

He published more than 100 technical papers, & advised about 50 MS & PhD graduate students during his career. He was heavily involved in applied theology (mixing & flow characteristics) of flour products, and his commitment to international graduate students. In recognition of these activities, Mr. Roland Temme, TMCO, Lincoln, NE, USA established an international graduate student fellowship in his honor. He entered 50% phased---in retirement at age 65+in 2002 and retired in 2005, only to be hired back 1/10---time afterward to assist with seminars & the department's centennial recognition in 2010. He continued to support the department's activities on a volunteer basis.


Specializes in novel baking oven technology, including high velocity air impingement and hybrid (microwave) oven designs. Also emphasis in applied rheology of flour components, including the Mixograph for flour doughs and the Rapid Visco-Analyser (RVA) for starch pasting properties. Experienced with food emulsifiers, especially the Sucrose Esters, and with interfacing laboratory equipment to computers.