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  • USDA Cochran Fellows met with KSU Grain Science Faculty at IGP to learn about grain storage, standards and inspections (October 2010)
  • KSU International Grains Program Announce 2011 Short Course Schedule (December 2010)
  • KSU College of Ag features in Nature Magazine (December 2010)
  • K-State Researchers and Partners Focus on Red Flour Beetle Threat to Grain Processing Industries (December 2010)
  • International Grains Program Faculty Work to Increase Wheat Demand (December 2010)
  • Growing International Interest in Wheat (December 2010)
  • Executives Explore Flour Milling (Novermber 2010)
  • Dr. Keith C. Behnke Receives AFIA Distinguished Service Award (October 2010)
  • K-State Breaks Ground on New O.H. Kruse Feed Mill and BioRefinery - Read More
  • Couple creates endowed Professorship in Grain Science to honor father - Read More
  • Jim and Carol Brown provide future of Grain Science faculty with a $1 million dollar gift - Read More
  • KSRE article "Grain Science and Industry Celebrates Centennial" - Read More
  • K-State, USDA, and OSU Researchers Seek Best Ways To Control Insects in Warehouses, Food-Processing Facilities -Read More
  • Alliance with KSU seen taking GEAPS training to 'the next level' - Read More
  • Article in World Grain - "Revering the past with an eye on the future" - Read Article
  • KSU/PAU Assocom-India Seminar on Accomplishing Food Security through Novel Grain Storage - Read More
  • Team of Students from KSU Visit Punjab Agricultural University - Read More
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists International Names K-State's David Wetzel A Fellow - Read More
  • Salina food additive company invests in future of KSU Milling Science students -Read More
  • KSU Grain Science Dept. Welcomes EU Food Research Expert as Next Centtennial Speaker - Read More
  • Mennel Milling Scholarship -Read More
  • KSU Ag Students' Idea Has Potential to Save Lives -Read More
  • Professor Fred Fairchild recognized with the Entrepreneurship Support Award - Read More
  • Congrats to Dr. Jeff Gwirtz for being the recipient of IAOM's 2010 Thaddeus B Bownik Outstanding Service Award. - Read More
  • Dr. Sajid Alavi Recognized for Early Career Accomplishments - Read More
  • K-State Ag Report features Grain Science faculty and students - Read More
  • KSU Radio Interview with Dr. Keith Behnke on new O.H. Kruse Feed Mill -Listen Here
  • Whole Grain Foods are Key to a Healthy Lifestyle -Read More
  • Dave Krishock's Graduation Speech -View Here
  • Grainnet News Article on O.H. Kruse Feed Mill and BioRefinery -Read More
  • K-State Announces Planned Construction of O. H. Kruse Feed Mill and BioRefinery - Read More
  • Destroyed Flour Mill in Haiti - Read More
  • Dr. Subramanyam's Interview at the ESA Meeting in Indianapolis -View Here


  • GEAPS and Kansas State University Partner for New "International Center for Grain Handling Industry Operations" Center Will Server as Education, Training Hub for Industry -Read More
  • Improved Adhesive For Products Like Transparent Tape Could Benefit Biofuels Economy - Read More
  • Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam new book Stored-Product Insect Resource - Read More
  • Healthy Snacks for Middle School Children Project - Watch Youtube Video
  • Grain Science Researcher and his Son's Shed Light on Plaque - Heart Disease - Read More

2008 and earlier

  • Hal Ross Flour Mill a Modern Marvel - Read More
  • Kansas State, Wichita State Researchers Link Wheat Bran Antioxidants with Cancer Prevention - Read More
  • Brabender creates $80,000 fellowship for KSU Grain Science & Industry Department - Read More
  • Paul Seib Grain Science Graduate Scholarship information - Read More
  • Dr. X Susan Sun Publishes Bio-Based Polymers and Composites .. Read More
  • Grain Foods Vindicated!! .. Read More