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Grain Science and Industry

Grain Science and Industry
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Grain Science & Industry Partners & Stakeholders

Department of Grain Science & Industry Advisory Board

The primary purpose of the Advisory Council of the Department of Grain Science and Industry is to foster the relationship between the GSI Department and the grain-based food and feed industry, and to advocate for teaching, research and outreach programs in the GSI Department at Kansas State University. Specifics including membership, officers, ad-hoc committees, meetings, and bylaws revisions are captured in a set of bylaws .

 Meetings of the Advisory Council are typically held twice a year; once in the spring in conjunction with the department’s Annual Spring Awards Banquet (in late April) and with the department’s Annual Alumni & Friends Tailgate Party (in October).


Advisory Board

Kansas State University Department of Grain Science and Industry Advisory Council

Front Row from left to right:

Bill Pool, Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS); Jim Jundt, Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS); Sarah Bowser, Kansas Grain Sorghum Comission/Sorghum Check-Off, Stacy Mayo, Kansas Corn Growers Association; Gordon Smith, Grains Science and Industry; John Floros, Dean, Kansas State University, College of Agriculture; David Krejci, Grain Elevator and Processing Association (GEAPS); Ron Zelch, Bakers National Education Foundation (BNEF); Melinda Farris, International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM); Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission.

Back Row from left to right:

Tom Rogers, North American Millers Association (NAMA); Gary Huddleston, American Feed Industry Association (AFIA); Kerwin Brown, Baking Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds (BEMA); Kent Van Amburg, American Society of Baking (ASB; Robb Mackie, American Bakers Association (ABA); Jim McCarthy, North American Millers Association (NAMA); Roy Loepp, International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM); Jeff Hole, Grain Craft.


AIB International, Inc.- View Website 

Andre Baine (President)

American Association of Cereal Chemists - View Website
David Hahn (President); Amy Hope (Executive Vice President);

American Bakers Association - View Website
Robb MacKie (President & CEO)

American Feed Industry Association - View Website
Joel Newman (President & CEO); Jeff Cannon (Board Chair);
Bill Barr (Immediate Past Chair); Jeff Cannon (Board Chairman); Joel Newman (President/CEO); Gary Huddleston (Manager, Feed Manufacturing Safety & Environmental Affairs); Henry Turlington, Director, Quality & Manufacturing Regulatory Affairs

American Society of Baking - View Website
Kent Van Amburg (Executive Direction); Dave Hipenbecker (Board Chairman)

Bakers National Education Foundation - View Website
Theresa Cogswell (Board Director); Ron Zelch (President and Board Chair); Jerry Emming (Director, Fund Raising);

Baking Equipment Manufactures Association - View Website
Kerwin Brown (President & CEO); Damian Morabito (Board Chairman)

Grain Elevator and Processing Society - View Website
David Krejci (Executive Vice President); Jim Jundt (First Vice President)

International Association of Operative Millers - View Website 
Roy Loepp (President);  Melinda Farris (Executive Vice President )


Kansas Corn Commission - View Website 
Greg Krissek (CEO); Sue Schulte (Director of Communications)

Kansas Grain and Feed Association - View Website
Tom Tunnell (President & CEO); Ted Schultz (Board Chairman); Mauri Ann Domer (Vice President, Member Services)

Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission/Sorghum Checkoff- View Website
Sarah Bowser (Regional Director)

Kansas Soybean Commission - View Website
Kenlon Johannes (Administrator)

Kansas Wheat Commission - View Website
Justin Gilpin (CEO)

National Grain and Feed Association - View Website
David Fairfield (Vice President, Feed Service)

North American Millers Association - View Website
Jim McCarthy (President); Tom Rogers (NAMA-KSU Committee Chair)

USDA- ARS Center for Grain and Animal Health Research - View Website
Tom Shanower (Center Director)

Dr. John Floros (Dean, Kansas State University College of Agriculture & Director, K-State Research and Extension) - View Website

Charles Sosland (CEO, Sosland Publishing) [incl: Milling & Baking News: World Grain] - View Website
Mark Avery (CEO, Grain Publications) [incl.: Grain Journal, Milling Journal] - View Website