Bulk Solids Handling, Storage and Flow

IGP Bulk Solids Handling, Storage and Flow course October 27-30, 2014

2014 Bulk Solids Handling, Storage and Flow brochure
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Who should attend: Employees/Managers/Supervisors in the grain handling industry; milling, baking and feed industry; food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry; Research and development scientists and engineers; and others responsible for the storage, handling and transport of bulk solids powders and other flowable dry materials.


  • Bulk solid particle and bulk properties
  • Powder sampling
  • Solids conveying mechanisms
  • Powder/grain mixing and blending
  • Flow properties of bulk solids
  • Common flow problems
  • Segregation in powders
  • Caking of bulk solids
  • Solutions to caking problems
  • Health effects of fine powders, and dust explosion hazard


Kingsly Ambrose- Bulk solids researcher
Carlos Campabadal- Specialist in grain storage and feed manufacturing