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Milling Credential

The credential program emerged from a broadly expressed industry need for energized and enabled employees in the flour milling industry. The credential program is expected to be especially useful in terms of creating new career path options for young people graduating form high school, technical or community colleges, and entering the workforce.  Currently, no formal credentialing program exist for the North American milling industry.

Each credential is achieved by the completion of 9 continuing education units (CEUs). The 9 CEUs are made up of a flexible combination of distance and on-site courses.

KSU Milling Specialist Credential:

  Distance Delivered Requirements

  • IGP 500: Overview of Milling Principles (1 CEU)
  • IGP 520: Grain Receiving, Cleaning and Conditioning (1 CEU)
  • IGP 530: Quality Control/Quality Assurance Practices in Flour Milling(1 CEU) or
  • IGP 540: Safety and the Flour Milling Industry

  On-site Course requirements

KSU Milling Expert Credential:

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of KSU Milling Specialist Credential

Specialization Courses:

Specialty Milling (all on-site; CEUs variable dependent upon course delivery)

  • IGP 504: Soft Wheat Milling (Under development)
  • IGP 505: Durum Milling (taught at NCI)
  • IGP 506: Corn Milling (Under development)
  • IGP 507: Sorghum Milling (Under development)
  • IGP 508: Whole Wheat and Specialty Grains (Under development)
  • IGP Rice Milling (Under development)

Personnel Safety (all via distance; 1 CEU each)

  • Grain Dust Explosion Prevention
  • Electrical Safety (Under development)
  • Safety Management (Under development)
  • Safety Culture (Under development)

Materials Handling

  • Advanced Maintenance (distance; 1 CEU) (Under development)
  • IGP 550: Mill Maintenance (on-site; variable) (Under development)

Grain and Flour Quality (all via distance; 1CEU each)

  • Flour Quality Assessment (Under development)
  • Grain Quality Management (Under development)
  • Management of Stored Product Insects and Pests (Under development)

Food Safety and Sanitation