IGP-KSU Risk Management  

IGP-KSU Risk Management Course

Full Course:  August 2-7, 2015

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course minimum 8 participants

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IGP's Risk Management short course benefits individuals who are responsible for buying U.S. food and feed grains, commodity traders and bankers. The course focuses on the principles of risk management and commodity price control through the principles of hedging and utilization of various hedging strategies.

Course topics:  Why have futures markets - relationship between cash and futures markets, fundamental and technical analysis, futures spread s principles of hedging, principles of risk management and basis trading.  Principles of futures and option trading, OTC trading, the Greeks, futures put and call strategies for hedging, spreads and butterflies. The last day of the intermediate course will include a futures trading simulation.

The course is split into two parts; Basic and Advanced.  The 3-day Basic section covers the principles of futures trading and hedging.  The 2-day Advanced section deals with risk management through the use of options and OTC markets.  The focus of both course sections is to teach participants not just how to trade commodity futures and options; buy why and when to do so.

Who should attend:  Domestic and international grain/soybean traders, commodity procurement managers, bankers and financial specialists, government officials and others responsible for commodity supply chain management and cost control.