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IGP Institute

Vadlani, Praveen


Agamuthu, V.V.Praveen, L.C.Choong, and S.Hasan (2000) "Kinetic evaluation of composting of agricultural wastes", Environmental Technology, 21, 185-192.

A. Singhal, V.V.Praveen, J.Gomes, and K.B.Ramachandran (1998) "Axial dispersion model for upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactors" Biotechnology Progress, 14, 645 – 648.

P. Ghosh, K.B.Ramachandran, and V.V.Praveen (1995) "Application of fluidization principles for bioprocesses" Three-Phase Sparged Reactors. Eds Nigam and Schumpe, Gordon and Breach Publishers, 303 – 338.

Current and Previously Completed Projects

Non-corrosive propionate based road deicer, USDA SBIR Phase II, 2002 -2005.

Innovative and low-cost process to produce Isoamyl Acetate using metabolically engineered E.coli, USDA SBIR Phase I, 2004 – 2005

Protein content enhancement of DG: bioconversion of fiber into single-cell-protein. Value-added project using co-products from the bio-ethanol industry, a proprietary collaborative project with a large bio-energy Industry, 2005 – 2006

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