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IGP Institute

Vadlani, Praveen

Vadlani, PraveenBiofuel and Biomass Conversion Engineer

101C BIVAP Building,
1980 Kimball Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-7193 fax

Areas of Interest

1. Development of value added products from Distillers grain with solubles (DGS)
2. Production of organic acids and their salts
3. Development of novel enzymes for feed industry
4. Evaluation of cereal grains for production of ethanol
5. Bioprocess optimization for aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
6. Bioseparations


Area of Emphasis

Research Interest

Bioprocess Science and Engineering, Fermentation, Bioconversion of renewable resources to useful products, Applied Biochemistry and Metabolic Engineering, Bioprocess Optimization and Development, Bioprocess Technology Development

Professional Experience

2007 – Present Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, Department of Grain Science and Industry
1998 – 2002 Research Associate, Texas A&M University, Biomass Pilot Plant, Department of Chemical Engineering
1997 – 1998 Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Malaya, Institute for Advanced Studies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Industrial Experience

2002 – 2007 Principal Research Scientist-Fermentation Products, AgRenew, Inc, Manhattan, KS
1995 – 1997 Research Officer – Fermentation, SPIC Pharmaceuticals, Chennai, India