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Behnke, Keith


Greenwood, M.W., K.R. Cramer, P.M. Clark, K.C. Behnke, and R.S. Beyer. 2004. Influence of Feed Form on Dietary Lysine and Energy Intake and Utilization of Broilers from 14 to 30 Days of Age. Intl. J. Poultry Science 3(3):189-194.

Cavalcanti, W.B. and K.C. Behnke. 2004. Effect of wheat bran phytase subjected to different conditioning temperatures on phosphorus utilization by broiler chicks based on body weight and toe ash measurements. Intl. J. Poultry Science 3(3)215-219.

DeFrain, J.M., J.E. Shirley, K.C. Behnke, E.C. Titgemeyer, and R.T. Ethington. 2003. Development and evaluation of a pelleted feedstuff containing condensed corn steep liquor and raw soybean hulls for dairy cattle diets. An. Feed Sci. and Tech.107:75-86.

Roesli, R., B. Subramanyam, F.J. Fairchild, and K.C. Behnke. 2003. Trap catches of stored-product insects before and after heat treatment in a pilot feed mill. J. Stored Products Research 39:521-540.

Kim, I.H., J.D. Hancock, J.W. Hong, M.R. Cabrera, R.H. Hines, and K.C. Behnke. 2002. Corn particle size affects nutritional value of simple and complex diets for nursery pigs and broiler chicks. Asian-Australian J. Animal Sciences 15(6)872-877.

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Behnke, K.C.

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