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Alavi, Sajid

Sajid AlaviExtrusion Process Engineer
Associate Professor and Extrusion Process Engineer

201 Shellenberger Hall
785-532-4017 fax


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2001.
M.S., Pennsylvania State University, 1997.
B.S., Indian Institute of Technology, India, 1995.


Sajid's research interests lie in food engineering and more specifically in the areas of extrusion processing of food and feed materials, rheology, food microstructure imaging, structure-texture relationships, and value-added uses of biological materials and residues.

Additional Information

Current research projects include dynamics of microstructure formation in extruded biopolymer foams; use of non-invasive X-ray micro tomography for characterizing extrudate micro-structure and structure-texture relationships; gluten-free foods based on grain sorghum; starch-clay nano-composite packaging; high-fiber and fruit-based healthy snacks; and cellulosic ethanol. His teaching assignments include a senior-level course in extrusion processing in food and feed industries and a graduate level course in advanced extrusion processing. Under Sajid's supervision, the Extrusion Lab at K-State, provides the industry with extrusion training through short courses and services for pilot scale trial runs for various products.

More information is available on Sajid's website.