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Director’s Message

Welcome to the 2015 has been with the institute for six years. One of the year’s highlights came from
Brandi’s leadership and understanding our distance education program that was
IGP Institute Year in of the IGP Institute is extensive and recognized with the innovative program
progressive. I expect Brandi to bring a award by the central region of the
Review. As you will see fresh perspective that will support our University Professional and Continuing
growth and performance in the coming Education Association. This award was in
in turning these pages, years. Be sure to read the Changes at recognition of the partnership of Kansas
the Helm story to learn more about our State University and the Grain Elevator
it was an exciting year leadership team. and Processing Society for their work
on non-credit trainings. Additionally,
full of change, refocus, One of the areas that Brandi and I are these tools have been reassured by the
committed to achieve is a refocus on industry as critical to the training of their
accomplishments our mission and resources so that we employees. To learn more about the
Gordon Smith and growth. are best able to serve the needs of our educational collaboration be sure to read
stakeholders. To that end, in the last half the Expanding Credentials story in
Director Change in any of the year we’ve been meeting with each this publication.
of our partners individually to learn how
organization leads to a new opportunity we can best assist them in accomplishing Distance education continues to be an
their goals. In addition, we’ve tried area of growth for the IGP Institute. In
for reflection. As I began my role as to involve them more directly in our 2015, we offered 34 distance courses to
programs. For example, the participants 884 participants representing 25 countries.
the IGP Institute director and grain in the Cochran Program on Cereals and This is a significant increase in the
Feed Management for Morocco were number of courses offered the previous
science department head in February, able to meet with representatives of all year. When adding those numbers to
the Kansas commodity stakeholders. We our on-site and on location trainings
my primary goal was to learn about the look forward to creating more value for we proudly served 1,494 participants
our stakeholders including additional representing 51 countries in 61 courses.
mission of IGP and department so that I producer/participant encounters in the Many of these participants are benefiting
months ahead. from our blended learning approach in
could identify opportunities for positive which the professionals completed online

change. I was fortunate to inherit a

thriving IGP Institute led by Mark Fowler

and my predecessor Dirk Maier. The

culture of continual improvement is a

core strength of the IGP Institute and

one that we will continue to foster. Dirk

and Mark completed their tenure at IGP

during 2015 and we thank them for their

years of dedication and service.

Assisting me in leading the IGP Institute
team is Interim Associate Director Brandi
Miller. Brandi is a former GSI graduate and

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