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ding Fido

Kansas State pet food team offers educational trainings.

Some have said, “A house is not a home experts about the latest information on pet for Kansas grains, especially for sorghum
without a pet.” Many people consider food ingredients, nutritional values, and which has a greater demand in pet foods.”
their pet to be a member of the family, safety and HACCP issues.
and thus, want to make sure their pet is Increased Grain Value Continuing with the growing need for
happy and content — especially when “The pet food industry directly grows the information about pet food, the Kansas
it comes to rewarding them with their value of grains,” says Cassandra Jones, State pet food program team hosted an
favorite baked treats. Kansas plays a vital assistant professor and feed ingredient additional training that attracted nearly
role in the pet food industry to contribute 200 pet food professionals from 23 states.
to the well-being of pets. and formulation specialist. “Traditional The focus of the event was learning how
pet food, especially dry extruded pet to create baked pet treats.
“Pet food in the United States is a food, is comprised of a large quantity of
$23 billion enterprise and it adds grains. Expanding the pet food industry Workshop stations gave participants an
$7 billion to the Kansas economy,” says allows a direct increase in the demand opportunity to create new and improved
Greg Aldrich, K-State research associate treats. The stations featured ingredients such
professor and pet food specialist. “There as sorghum in granola treats, miscanthus
are 27 licensed and 63 total pet food fiber in baked treats, gummy treats using
companies in our state. We have an patent-pending creations and processes,
opportunity to make that even more dried brewer’s yeast for high-protein treats,
significant and our program is working and various palatants for flavors and aromas.
hard to make that a reality.”
“Pet food is important across the United
Pet Food Education States, but especially in Kansas because
For more than 10 years, the IGP Institute we’re at the epicenter of pet food
has served as an educational medium manufacturing,” Jones says.
for those involved in the food, pet food
and feed industries through its extrusion “Northeast Kansas houses facilities for
processing course. With the growing nearly every major pet food manufacturer,
interest in pet food, the institute has added and facilities for manufacturing equipment
a one-day pet food workshop to that and ingredients necessary for that
training. Participants learn from industry production. That’s a huge impact on the
economy and a direct improvement in the
22 value of Kansas grain, right in our backyard.”
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