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Collaboration Strengthens Curriculum

The IGP Institute works to enhance its programs through organizational partnerships.

It has been said that strong leaders He says there is an added benefit to the to enhance effectiveness and reach a
recognize their strengths and hire their IGP Institute as well. “These programs larger audience.
weaknesses. The same can be true help to expand the reach of IGP and
with organizations that offer trainings. showcase our expertise,” Fowler says. “Alone we can have a certain impact,
Recognizing the inherit benefits of “We are also able to offer specialized but partnering with others expands
collaboration, the IGP Institute continues courses for which we do not have all the and improves the difference we can
to build training alliances. resources to offer independently.” make,” O’Neil says. “It also broadens our
expertise because we have university and
“In the grain science industry, some Along with NCI, Fowler has worked industry experts who add to the value of
of the IGP Institute competitors offer with AIB International in providing joint these programs.”
courses that are similar in scope to ours,” courses in HACCP for grain milling. This
says Mark Fowler, IGP Institute associate training is the result of stakeholder O’Neil says that the IGP Institute
director and grain processing curriculum feedback encouraging the IGP Institute faculty hope to take these programs
manager. He adds, “Where there are and AIB International to align their efforts. international.
logical partnerships, it makes sense to
align our expertise and resources.” Risk Management Opportunities “The world is shrinking and is also
Along with Fowler, Jay O’Neil, senior becoming increasingly challenging,”
Milling Outreach agricultural economist, has also O’Neil says. “We are looking to take our
One such example is Fowler’s work with worked closely with NCI to provide risk programs abroad where we increase the
the Northern Crops Institute co-teaching management courses. number of participants and have better
a milling course working with Durum access to them, but it’s all dependent on
wheat for pasta manufacturing. “NCI is funded by commodity groups finding an appropriate party to join with.”
so they have a lot of similarities to IGP,”
“We do not offer pasta-making trainings O’Neil says. “We have formed a mutual
at the IGP Institute, but our expertise partnership where we have come
in milling wheat is of value to the NCI together to be stronger.”
course,” Fowler says.
Due to the success of the partnerships
and the programs developed, O’Neil is
excited to continue to collaborate in order

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