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Relevant Research

Two undergraduate research projects guide IGP Institute efforts.

Research allows for fact-based decision Education, Moser along with IGP Interim “Through the classes we noticed that the
making, which is valuable to those Associate Director Brandi Miller and pressure applied through the grinding
attempting to make the best investment undergraduate communications student process impacted starch damage,”
in time and resources. That statement is Kelly Hannigan, launched a study to see Fowler says. Therefore, he joined with
true for businesses across the globe as how IGP’s clients used social media. undergraduate milling science student
well as at the IGP Institute where faculty Kyle McCormack to design a research
joined with undergraduate students Through five focus groups, the research study to see if what was observed in the
to conduct research studies to answer team learned that most participants trainings was an anomaly or an accurate
questions that allowed for a better preferred email communication. Many were reflection of what was happening.
marketing approach and real world unaware of IGP’s social media presence.
application for training. “We learned that if you overgrind the
“As a result of this research, we dropped rolls there is reduced flour production
Marketing Research our blog and ramped up our promotional and increased starch damage that is
For the IGP Institute, that quest for efforts through Facebook and Twitter,” detrimental to flour quality,” Fowler says.
knowledge led to a communications Moser says. She adds, “We also now The results of that study are now shared
research study that began in 2014 and is inform our participants about our social as part of the flour milling training.
on-going today. media with an information sheet at the
on-site courses, and we do more posting Fowler says, “This shows how we are
“There are many options for social media of pictures.” utilizing research to provide innovative
in the world. We needed to know the and relevant teaching in our courses,
preferences of our international customers Classroom Lessons allowing us to give our participants the
so we could deliver the information they While teaching an advanced flour milling most up-to-date information.”
sought in the most impactful way,” says course, the instructor Mark Fowler
Lisa Moser, IGP Institute marketing and noticed that an increased amount of
communications coordinator. starch damage was occurring with the
new equipment that was on loan to the
Joining with the faculty in the Kansas university. This happened again in the
State University Department of course the following month.
Communications and Agricultural

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