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Interactive Industry Training

IGP Institute partners with USDA to provide custom trainings to industry professionals.

Professionals from around the world Abderrafie Kchit, head of the division of oilseed industry overview for various
travel to IGP Institute yearly to learn studies and information at the Moroccan USDA departments.
about the grain industry through Cereals Office, was one participant in the
specialized trainings. These trainings Moroccan Cereals and Feed Management “The invitation to host this seminar was
are opportunities for agricultural training. Kchit says this training increased a great opportunity for IGP and members
representatives from middle income his knowledge on U.S. grain storage and of the trade to interact with USDA and
countries, developing markets and handling facilities, the milling industry and discuss real life issues that pertain to
emerging democracies to enhance their applicable technical tools, and U.S. grain trade,” O’Neil says.
knowledge and skills in areas related marketing system and practices.
to trade, agribusiness development, The 40 USDA participants heard
management, policy and marketing. “This course was interactive,” Kchit presentations throughout the three-day
says. “The visits to the farms and grain seminar from industry professionals in
Cochran Trainings elevators made this course interesting.” the private and public sector of the
In 2015, IGP Institute worked closely grain industry.
with the United States Department of Each training session is specialized to
Agriculture to provide custom training strengthen the agricultural systems Course participant, Andrew Sowell, wheat
workshops. Through the USDA Cochran necessary to enhance trade linkages analyst for Office of Global Analysis at
Fellowship Program participants gain between these countries and agricultural USDA/FAS, says the custom training
a broad understanding of the grain interests in the U.S. These two-week corresponded well with his profession.
production, marketing and feed systems. trainings are led by Kansas State
University faculty and industry experts, “The course added a lot of depth to my
The IGP Institute was awarded two covering topics from feed and swine knowledge of grain markets,” Sowell says.
Cochran fellowship grants. Industry management to wheat classification. “I found the class about futures to be
professionals from Malaysia and Morocco particularly helpful. This information will
came to learn about subjects involving USDA Training in D.C. be useful in my career.”
grain storage, feed manufacturing and Another USDA training opportunity
grain purchasing. allowed IGP Institute’s senior agricultural
economist Jay O’Neil to travel to USDA’s
Foreign Agricultural Service office in
Washington, D.C. to conduct a grain and

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