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Learning on Location

IGP Institute field trips expose participants to all aspects of the industry.

In any industry professionals who serve as This is just one example of the types of A Producer’s Perspective
president, CEO and director all maintain experiences that IGP Institute courses “Each staff member who has come
a high level of responsibility; however, as deliver to showcase the production side out from the IGP Institute has such an
they elevate to leadership positions many of the curriculum. These trips range understanding of what the different needs
become out of touch with the production from touring local farms in Kansas to and interests are of the international
side of their business. The IGP Institute visitors. They always make sure those
is doing its part to keep that trend from visiting port export facilities on the interests are being covered during their
continuing by incorporating experiential coast. International visitors enjoy and courses,” Ron Roth says.
learning through course field trips. benefit from taking the field trips to local
producers such as Ron Roth says Jay The IGP Institute faculty and staff are
Meaningful Learning O’Neil, senior agricultural economist. able to schedule these experiences
“I wanted to gain a better understanding by using a blended learning approach
of some of the terms and tools that that combines pre-course preparation
my employees use, says John Carberry, done via online with on-site learning. By
vice president of Jamaica Broilers and extending out the time for learning the
participant in the USSEC’s Oilseeds and material before the participants arrive,
Grain Purchasing Resources and Tools there is more time to take part in hands-
Program for Latin America training. He on activities and experiences.
adds, that he hoped to develop a better
appreciation for the side of his business Through these field trips, participants are
that he does not work with directly. able to fully understand all aspects of the
agriculture industry from production to
As part of his learning experience, Carberry storage to market says O’Neil.
and his peers traveled to Bob Haselwood’s
soybean farm to learn about U.S. farming Roth adds, “The IGP Institute is a great
practices and farmer marketing patterns. organization that gives a positive spin on
He says, “Through the farm visit, I what we do in agriculture and our farm is
developed an appreciation for the factors accessible to the groups that come to IGP.”
that impact the pricing and cost of grain.”

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