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A Reliable Investment

Education through training benefits international companies and U.S. producers.

“An investment in knowledge, pays the Since that time, Rodriguez advanced Rodriquez explains, “We work mainly with
best interest.” This quote spoken by U.S. through several promotions. He credits, Durum, Hard Red Winter and Soft White
founding father Benjamin Franklin more in part, his advancement to the education wheats. Over the years, the U.S. wheat
than 200 years ago still rings true today he received at Kansas State University. has proven to be a reliable source of high
with many professionals who invest their quality raw material on which the miller
time and money to participate in Rodriguez says through training he can rely on.” He adds, “We look for U.S.
IGP Institute trainings. has improved his technical expertise wheat before we look for any other kind
on milling technology allowing his of raw material.”
An Educational Venture company to optimize its mills for yield
“I can easily say that you can expect a and profitability as well as quality of the Creating a preference for U.S. product
solid return on your investment,” says finished product. He adds IGP Institute through education is precisely what the
Javier Delgado Rodriguez, operations trainings give participants, “100 percent IGP Institute was created to do when it
corporate manager with Grupo Munsa usable knowledge to come back and work was founded, and it continues to be the
located in Mexico. with at your company.” focus of the trainings today.

Rodriguez speaks from experience as he Company Reward Fowler says, “Javier’s story is just one
has made a significant training investment This is an example, according to Fowler, example of how the IGP Institute makes
in the IGP Institute. Since 2010, he has of the added value that IGP Institute a global impact by teaching top-notch
attended five courses focused on the flour trainings offer. industry professionals ways to bring value
milling curriculum. to the companies while showcasing
“Our courses provide high quality U.S. wheat.”
“Javier first came to the Introduction to information in a compact period of
Flour Milling course to obtain a broader time bringing value to the company and
understanding of the milling process in individual, and that is the key to repeat
his role as a laboratory technician,” says business,” Fowler says.
Mark Fowler, flour milling curriculum
coordinator and associate director of the Not only is there value in the training
IGP Institute. for those who attend, but through
participation in these flour courses there
is shared knowledge about the product
attributes of U.S. products.

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