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Dept. of Grain Science and Industry Football Parking for Fall 2016

The Department of Grain Science and Industry will continue its “reserved parking” program at our north campus site (1980 Kimball Ave.) for the 2017 football season. The lot is referred to as the “IGP” parking lot. For this season, the number of reserved parking stalls will be limited to ninety-nine (99) car/pickup/small van stalls and fifteen (15) larger RV stalls. All parking reservations must be paid for prior to June 1, 2017; and parking placards (mirror hangers) will be sent to reserve owners before the first game.




-Season Reserved Parking at $300/car. The stalls will neither be numbered nor assigned. The parking stalls will be filled on a “first-come, first-served basis” and the number of reserved passes will equal the number of stalls available. 

-General Admission game day parking will remain at $20/car. GA parking will utilize grass areas and additional paved areas further from the stadium than the reserved parking area. 

-RV Parking will be offered to 15 customers at the pre-paid rate of $1,000/season. RV parking will be on the north end of the campus and specific stalls will be assigned to each RV owner.

NOTE: Non-RV busses (“party busses”, converted school busses, etc.) will not be permitted into the IGP parking area under any circumstance. 

Below are links to our 2017 Football Parking Policies, Parking Reservation Request, and Payment Voucher:


Policy link
Parking Reservation Request
Payment Voucher link 


For questions, contact:  *Keith Behnke, Parking Customer Service Manager 

                                         Phone: 785-532-4083; e-mail kbfeed@ksu.edu 

     Pat Hackenberg, Parking Lot Manager 

     Phone: 785-532-4517; e-mail phack@ksu.edu                                   


*Primary contact for parking information