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Discover a World of Bio-Possibilities

Bioprocessing and Industrial Value Added Program (BIVAP) provides support to develop technology in biomaterials processing for food, feed, and industrial uses. We offer research facilities for extrusion, bioconversion/fermentation, biorefining, and thermal processing. We also develop technical solutions to sustain agricultural-based companies using raw materials and help create new technologies that become commercialized as businesses. We have a team of experts skilled in bioprocessing, extrusion, and fermentation, as well as university facilities, industry resources, and a network of agencies. All of these important elements allow us to help you take an idea from concept to development to commercialization.

The Experts You Want

Our staff of experts, all well-known in their respective fields, is committed to assisting you with all of your bioprocessing needs. The level of flexibility, responsiveness, and innovating skill you find at BIVAP comes from years of experience. Whether you are collaborating with us on a project or utilizing our facilities and equipment to work individually, our team is on hand to provide the support you need. You can also be assured that we will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in regard to all existing and developed intellectual property and classified information.


The Facilities You Need

With BIVAP, you have access to one of the best facilities available for bioprocessing research. The building is comprised of more than 33,000 square feet of well-equipped laboratories, pilot plants, offices, and conference rooms, including three areas for pilot-scale processing and six areas for bench-top research and testing.


The Network You Require

When you work with BIVAP, you gain connections to some of the most valuable resources around the world. We have an established network of various agencies, industries, and university facilities that allow us to serve as a comprehensive research and development center, as well as a coordinator of scientific and entrepreneurial minds to help provide a stronger link between new technology and commercialization.


Models for Success

BIVAP understands the importance of applying state-of-the-art technology across many technical disciplines. We watch for developing market trends, access competitive products, map the time-value of investment versus payoff, and evaluate the long-term potential for developing product needs. By focusing on these elements, we have developed three models of ways to assist you:

  • Technology-Driven Model ­­­– Creating New Technologies
BIVAP assists entrepreneurs, investors, and university faculty independently or jointly in creating new technologies that utilize cereal-based or other biobased materials. By taking a promising lab-scale technology one step further to demonstrate feasibility in a pilot scale process, we assist in demonstrating real-world commercial uses for these technologies.
  • Application-Driven Model Applying Existing Technologies
BIVAP applies existing technologies to help businesses and entrepreneurs create and implement new products and processes. We provide resources that help define product specifications, market requirements, and assess potential process technologies for meeting these specifications. We also provide design and pilot-scale processes to prove the concept and develop a scale-up and commercialization strategy.
  • Incubator Space Model – Providing Lease Access
BIVAP provides lease access to fully equipped laboratories, pilot plants, offices, and conference rooms specifically designed to accommodate your needs. These areas allow you to work privately or in collaboration with our K-State experts or other partners to develop and commercialize your own technology.